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WDYTYA? Back on TV - Oh brill!

July 21, 2019

It's Sunday morning and as I enter my 6th week of being off work thanks to an injured foot I look forward to WDYTYA? coming back onto our screens this week. I have spent so much time researching whilst off as resting the foot means sitting down for long periods - thankfully my genealogy head kicked in.


So many projects on the go because with being hyperactive and unable to keep still for long periods ( I'm still finding "resting" hard to do!) I get bored easily so tap anyway at other research projects to keep the mind active.


Presently I am working on the Public Houses and Inns of Uttoxeter - I've been swapping notes with Jim Foley who is always so helpful Mine is just a list whereas Jim is going more in-depth . I am also collating the memorial inscriptions of gravestones in St Mary's churchyard (the stones have been broken up and used as slabs but some I can read) and the cemetery in Hockley Rd/ Stafford Road.Also I'm working on projects for several folk and aim to complete at least 3 before I go back to work as sitting has it's rewards-it's the standing I can't do!


I have so many photographs / postcards that I will share either on here or on my Facebook page - History of Uttoxeter in photos - and I might even consider working as a volunteer at Redfern's cottage once the foot is fixed and I'm back at work. 


For now I am enjoying bringing my ancestors back to life and good old Uttoxeter.

Until next time folks.







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