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2018 - What a busy year!

December 30, 2018

Good afternoon folks - It's  the last Sunday of 2018 and what a busy year it has been. Mainly my work at Nestle has taken up a lot of my time but I have managed to start a couple of projects and continue to research Genealogies for several clients.


2019 will be the year I fully get back into Genealogy as the part time job of bookkeeping I have given up - I just haven't the time anymore and I have so many ideas in helping to keep the history of Uttoxeter going for future generations so it will be a busy year and I am so looking forward to finding out much more about my home town and sharing it with you all.


My passion hasn't faded but in fact has grown!!😃


I am still going through the photos of the gravestones of St Mary's church and the cemetery in Hockley Road/Stafford Road.

Also I have been researching all the public house names from various census, newspapers etc and have compiled a list which I shall put on here once it's complete.


Have an amazing 2019 folks 🎉







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