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Uttoxeter's long forgotten ancestors!

February 10, 2018

I love my home town and seeing it as it is now is such a shame as it used to thrive on Market days. However these days Uttoxeter is practically dying as there is very little to bring folk into the town let alone spend their hard earned money.

My ancestors must be turning in their graves to see how Utch - a once very busy market town has slowly turned into a ghost town.

I remember when i was growing up just how busy Wednesdays always used to be and you couldn't move along Short Street because of all the cattle wagons and farmers vehicles waiting to go into the cattle market in Smithfield Road. The White Hart was always packed and the Market Place was buzzing with stall holders all the way down to the White Horse pub. Saturday too was a busy market day but these days there are only a couple of stalls and only when the Farmers Market is on does the town seem to jostle with folk.

My ancestors and many other families have lived in Uttoxeter since the 15th century and probably earlier having been builders, bakers and other established tradespeople of the town.

Which brings me onto my next mission - collating those buried in St Mary's churchyard and the Cemetery plus research the businesses and owners putting their names and details into a booklet or some sort of record so these folk stay in the history books of my beautiful home town.

It will be a long job but one i shall enjoy every minute of it and take great pride in bringing these folk back to life as they need to be remembered. 




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