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I've been creative again - 2018 Calendars of good old Utch!

December 22, 2017

Once again folks i have designed a calendar which shows Uttoxeter of old. It was such a beautiful and busy market town and i love to look at the old photos and postcards to reminisce. 

I often wonder what my Chatfield ancestors would now think of our home town. My ancestors helped build alot of the fine buildings which have now either disappeared or changed dramatically and they say it's progress! I think not.


I am so looking forward to 2018 and getting back into my genealogy research as this year i just haven't had the time with work and the stresses of everyday life. I've lots of projects to get on with : Recording all the gravestone memorials both in the cemetery and the churchyard and so much more to help save and document the fine history of good old Utch.


I hope you all have a fab christmas and 2018 is a good year folks! 



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