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So much research to do but the little old thing called work keeps getting in the way!

October 8, 2017

It's a beautiful Sunday morning and i have a few minutes to do a blog. I have so many projects on the go but my full time job tends to get in the way but thankfully i enjoy working at Nestle i just need to organise my spare time better.

I am currently researching the Foster and Pirie family which has taken me out of Uttoxeter and up to Scotland - very interesting it is too. 

I shall then be researching the Royston family which again will take me away from Staffordshire. I then hope to crack on with my own family of Bull and Wain which i know will be very intriguing and hopefully bring up a few skeletons and mysteries!

I've been going through my husband's Adams and Walker ancestors as i researched them over 10 years ago and needed a refresher. I can't believe just how much research i have done over the years and i have enjoyed every single moment of it and still do. If ever i come into a windfall i shall pack in work and become a full time Genealogist - one day that will happen.

On a sad note i read in the Uttoxeter Advertiser of the passing of a lovely lady who i met years ago through Genealogy. Her husband Phil  Chatfield  couldn't go any further than his great granddad but i had gathered so much information on my paternal line i was able to knock down his brick wall and managed to go back to the early 1500s!!! Best of all was that his great grandfather was the brother of my great grandfather. He was so chuffed and that is why i love genealogy so much - helping folk go further than they could on their own.


On another note i will probably be designing a few Uttoxeter calendars for 2018 so if anyone is interested please let me know.


I am still adding photos of gravestones from the Uttoxeter Cemetery and St Mary's church Uttoxeter onto my Facebook page which you will find at :



Well it's wine time now folks so have a fab Sunday and hope you enjoyed my blog.


Ta-ra for now







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